Get Ready to Travel With Food This Holiday Season

Before you head out on the road this holiday season with your sweet treats in tow, take some necessary precautions to keep you safe on the road but keep your vehicle safe as well from any spills that could potentially occur. A lot can happen when you are driving, especially around the holidays when the weather can be questionable. Let us here at Kia of Fargo help you stay safe and protect your vehicle this holiday season.

Put down a seat protector in case there are any spills that occur. You can place dishes in a tote or box that will contain spills if they do occur. Make sure it is lined with a towel or old newspaper for the optimal protection. Opt for lids on your dishes that snap on rather than just sit on top of the dish. Use a cargo net inside of your vehicle in order to keep your dishes in place in the trunk, and don't be afraid to buckle your dishes into the back seat!

From the Kia of Fargo team, we wish you an exceptional start to the winter holiday season!

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