Maintain Your Kia to Ensure High Performance for Years to Come

One of the best parts of handmade clothing and accessories is that you can usually go straight to the person who made it if you have a problem and it's good as new! For some reason, people don't treat their cars this way.

At Kia of Fargo, we can help you make your car run just like the day you bought it. For example, if you need your transmission replaced - it is going to be tough on an independent shop finding you a good fit or one that isn't overused. However, by coming to us, we have access to the best OEM parts, the ones that are meant to be in your vehicle in the first place.

With our factory trained mechanics on hand, it will be like you never had a problem! We work to provide continued support for drivers near Fargo, Grand Forks, Moorhead and Briarwood. Please feel free to call us at Kia of Fargo to learn more about OEM parts!

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