Cadenza Can Make You Rethink Luxury

When Kia first announced that they were bringing a luxury vehicle into the lineup with the Cadenza back in 2013 they made the world rethink the Kia brand. Being designed by the former chief designer at Audi, Peter Schreyer, the Cadenza embraces many differences from the rest of the Kia lineup.

The Kia Cadenza comes with three levels of trim the base Premium, midlevel Technology, and the highest level Limited. The Limited models comes with many features usually not found in Kia vehicles such as Nappa leather seats with quilted inserts, 19-inch dark satin alloy wheels, a 12 speaker Harman Kardon audio system and Clari-Fi technology, a navigation system with eight-inch touch schreen, HUD that displays speed and navigation information, and many other technology and safety features.

Many of these features were put to the luxury test when pitted against the luxury vehicle expertise of valets. The Cadenza stopped the valets in their tracks when they sat in the vehicle blind folded, and when they found out they were in a vehicle they were forced to rethink luxury.

Interested in rethinking what you know about luxury, come by our Fargo, ND location for a test drive in Kia's new luxury sedan.

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