Pay Attention to These Overheated Engine Warning Signs

In order for your vehicle to enjoy maximum power and fuel economy, the heat of the engine's combustion chamber must be controlled. The service team at Kia of Fargo in Fargo, ND want you to know the major causes of your engine getting overheated, a situation that should be promptly addressed with a visit to our service center.

A thermostat stuck in the open or closed position can cause an engine to overheat. A head gasket leak may cause a leak in coolant fluids necessary for preventing engine overheating. An obstruction of dirt, paper or other debris, often a plastic bag blowing along the roadway, can block your radiator airflow and cause the engine to run too hot. A blown fuse on your vehicle's electric cooling fan can cause dangerous engine temperature problems. And a broken fan belt that blocks the flow of air through the radiator will quickly cause harmful engine overheating.

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