Tips to Prepare for a Test Drive

To make a test drive successful and enjoyable, prepare a few things ahead of time. Make sure you have your driver’s license. Write out a list or have a general idea about what type of vehicle you are looking for.

When you find a vehicle you want to test drive, walk around it, and ask any questions about the exterior that you may have. When getting in, note if it is easy and comfortable. Do you have enough head and legroom? Can you reach the pedals and see out clearly?

Drive down the freeway, and pass through a neighborhood where you have to stop frequently. Next, head to a parking lot and park the car. Drive in reverse and feel the cornering and braking power.

We want to find the perfect auto for you. Stop by our showroom at Kia of Fargo conveniently in Fargo, ND, and take some test drives today.

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