Why Washing Your Car is a Must

Washing your car may seem like a task that you’d rather not do. However, at Kia of Fargo in Fargo, ND, we’re here to tell you that washing your car on a regular basis can actually extend the exterior life. There are a few other benefits, too, including ensuring that it looks good as you drive it around town.

All sorts of dirt and debris land on your car throughout the week. Dirt can cause scratches in the paint. Certain dead bugs and bird poo can eat right through the clear coat and paint, too. To avoid problems (and rust), it’s best to wash your car as soon as you notice it getting dirty.

You’ll also find that a clean car can help fuel efficiency by about 10%. It might sound crazy, but dirty cars drag more, causing your vehicle to burn more fuel. As soon as you get it through the car wash, you can start to conserve more fuel.

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