Techniques for Car Detailing

At Kia of Fargo, we want people to take pride in the appearance of their car or truck. A little bit of interior detailing can make a big difference and keep your car looking like new.

If you have a pet that sheds hair all over the seats of your car, there are several techniques you can use to remove their fur. Adding a brush to the vacuum hose can make vacuuming more effective. If that isn't enough, using a pumice block to rake up the hair can get it loose from sticky carpet fibers.

Driving around Fargo, ND can cause dirt to accumulate on your carpets. To get them spotless, consider using a hot water extractor. To make the cleaning process even more effective, give your carpets a dry scrubbing with a brush. Pre-spray your carpets with a non-foaming cleaner before going over them with the extractor.

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