At Kia of Fargo, we want to help you care for your car with useful detailing tips. If you have a pup, they more than likely take a ride with you around Fargo, ND every now and then. Although it's fun to take your canine companion on a ride, it can also cause pet hair to get stuck in the carpet and upholstery, so follow these tips to help prevent pet hair in your car.

Many pet owners invest in a seat cover that helps keep the seats free of sand, dirt, and other debris. Before a car ride, brushing dogs with longer coats can help prevent hair from getting into the upholstery. A dog harness and crate are beneficial because they help keep your dog safe and keep the pet hair limited to one area of your car.

Try spraying water mixed with a few teaspoons of fabric softener to the seats and carpet. After the solution has dried, you can vacuum any remaining dog hair.

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