Ever Wonder How Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors Work?

When you visit Kia of Fargo in Fargo, ND in search of your next vehicle, you immediately become a valued customer. What that means is that the staff here will go the extra mile to help educate you about every aspect of a potential vehicle and how it works. For instance, some customers may be wondering how auto-dimming rearview mirrors work.

There may be a bit of geekdom behind how auto-dimming mirrors work. The process itself is called electrochromism which is technically a darkening of the mirror when sensors are trigger by ambient light. The sensors within auto-dimming mirrors are either camera or photodiode-based photodetectors.

The sensors within the mirror work in conjunction with a microprocessor to notice glare from a trailing vehicle. This, in turn, sends a charge through the electrochromic gel that causes material inside the gel to react resulting in a lessening of oxidation and a darkening of the mirror. In this state, the mirror reduces the amount of light that reflects into the face of the driver.

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