You don't want to be driving in rain without properly working windshield wipers. Replacing your blades regularly will go a long way to keeping your drive safe and you seeing clearly

There are some tell-tale signs that your windshield wiper blades need replacing. If your current wiper blades leave your windshield streaky or blurry, it is time to replace them. Some blades even will scratch your windshield if the rubber is too frayed or destroyed.

Most car owner's manuals suggest which wiper blades to buy for your car and the replacements are fairly simple to install. Most come with instructions and you can ask an auto professional for help too.

At Kia of Fargo, we want Fargo, ND drivers to have a safe driving experience. We can replace your wiper blades or perform any other auto service you need. Let our team look at your vehicle and set up a maintenance schedule.

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