Have you heard of gaskets and wondered what they were? Gaskets are important because they bind at least two surfaces together to prevent fluids and gases from leaking and mixing. While gaskets are long-lasting, you will need to replace them eventually. However, you can extend the life of your gaskets if you keep coolant and oil levels at the recommended temperatures. It is also helpful if you use a manufacturer-recommended coolant and oil.

Gaskets are usually made of multi-level steel, but they can be made of a wide range of materials, which include copper and rubber. Common types of gaskets include head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust gaskets, and bearing gaskets.

Gaskets serve an important purpose, so it is important to have them replaced at the first sign of a problem. If there is foaming or gurgling near the radiator, then high compression levels may have caused a hole to form in a gasket. A mayonnaise-looking substance in or around the oil can also indicate gasket failure.

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