How important is tire pressure to you as a driver? For most drivers, it’s typically a low concern, even those who are very diligent with regular vehicle maintenance. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Monitoring tire pressure can be part of a daily routine and won’t be an inconvenience. The most opportune time to check the air pressure is when you’re refueling. Periodically checking the air pressure not only won’t be a hassle, but you will also experience great benefits. Tires that have the correct air pressure contributes to greater fuel economy, improved handling, a smoother ride, and better comfort! Be sure that you don’t over-inflate your tires because you will experience the complete opposite of those benefits.

If your vehicle needs repairs, contact Kia of Fargo’s service center in Fargo, ND for an appointment. We can also inspect your tires for the accurate air pressure and condition!

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