What is Car Wax, and How Do You Use It?

At Kia of Fargo in Fargo, ND, we are happy to help you understand how to care for your car and become an informed vehicle owner. Are you unsure of what car wax is and how to use it? We have you covered.

Car wax is a product you apply to your car to keep it looking good longer. You won't need to clean your car as often when you keep a layer of wax on it. Car wax only needs to be applied three times a year to reap the benefits. Apply the wax to your car in small, even circular motions. You'll want to use a generous amount of wax but not too much. After you've applied the wax, you must buff the car. Some car waxes require you let the wax sit a certain amount of time before buffing it.

Car wax is easy to apply to your car and only needs to be done three times a year. You should stay on top of waxing your car to prevent it from looking dull and dirty. Waxing your car also reduces how often it's in need of cleaning.

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