By their definition, blind spots refer to areas that someone cannot see. A blind spot in the next lane to a driver presents incredible hazards. Changing lanes and crashing into an "invisible" car can lead to property damage, serious injury, or worse. Thankfully, newer cars come with blind-spot monitors.

Not all technology built into cars promotes navigation and entertainment. Blind-spot monitors reveal how technology can boost safety. Such a monitor provides helpful alerts to let another driver know when there's a vehicle or something else in the nearby lane.

An alert from a blind-spot monitor could save a life. Yes, drivers also have to rely on their own actions. They cannot put everything into the virtual hands of a car's technology. That said, the help from a blind-spot monitory could boost safety a great deal.

See how a blind-spot monitor operates on Fargo, ND streets. Take a car from Kia of Fargo out on a test drive.

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