Driving on worn tires can waste fuel and slow down a car. Worse, worn tires are dangerous. Low traction can undermine handling, and tires with cracks and other imperfections could suffer a blowout. Make checking your tires a step to perform routinely. Doing so could improve the chances of staying safe and knowing when to replace the tires.

Always check the treads for depth and the sidewall for cracks. Cracks aren't difficult to miss, as they appear like cracks on broken glass. Tread depth requires using a tool or a Lincoln penny. A tire that fails the "penny test" has treads way too low. That tire is not likely safe to drive on in Fargo, ND.

And tires with sidewall cracks could blow out. The same may be true of tires with bulges and blisters. Physical issues with tires are never good signs.

How about getting tire and other services at Kia of Fargo? Our service department wants to help you take care of your car.

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