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Preserve the health of your brand new or used Kia by trusting our service center to take good care of your investment. We have a fully equipped staff of certified technicians who know Kia in and out and can thoroughly diagnose the health of your vehicle efficiently and promptly. Regarding parts, routine maintenance, and service repairs - our mechanics are the perfect people for the job. We'll have you leaving our shop feeling confident to drive the distance thanks to attentive care and high-quality repairs paired with express service options. Take advantage of our ongoing service and  parts discounts and rebates by checking out current incentives online or by calling a member of our team.

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Oil Changes Near Hillsboro that Keep Your Engine Purring

As a vital necessity in car maintenance, your oil changes should be due every two thousand miles from your last oil change. You may notice your oil check light come on if you're due sooner. Get a quick and affordable oil change with our staff at our service center at your convenience. We offer frequent oil change discounts to help keep costs low and have plenty of choices to choose from for your oil service.

Change and Rotate Your Tires with Us

You may think you need a tire change when all you need is a rotation. As the tread wears down, one side of the tire is being utilized more than the other. Rotating them halfway through will help you get the most out of your tire safely and efficiently. Once both sides have been worn down to a certain point, or you come across a flat or air leak - we'll happily replace your tires with a set of new ones at a reasonable price and guide you through our current tire rebates.

Get Your Brakes Checked Near Grand Forks

No matter how new your car is, you'll need to ensure your brakes are always in good health. Don't risk your health and safety or others by ignoring screeching, grinding, or rusting on your brakes when you try to come to a full stop. Get your brakes checked regularly with us, and we'll ensure you can count on your brakes every time.

Battery Tests Are Essential

Your battery is a vital component to everyday driving in every car no matter the powertrain - combustion, electric, fuel cell, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid all depend on a battery to help power its interior as well as it's exterior. If you notice dim lights, trouble starting your car at any time, or can't remember the last time you changed your battery, make sure you schedule an appointment with us so that we can make sure your battery's health is in good standing.

Wheel Alignments Keep You Straight on the Road

Your wheels are just as important as your engine. Along with rotations and replacements, alignments are an important factor to consider regarding safety and operating efficiency. If you notice wobbling after a certain speed limit, or you see that your vehicle tends to veer towards a certain direction on its own, you're due for an alignment. This service will prevent low fuel efficiency and future costly replacements.

Visit Us at Kia of Fargo for Quality Service and Parts

Get quality service with our service center at your convenience by scheduling an appointment with our team. Be sure to take a look at our ongoing discounts currently being offered on our website or give us a call to inquire about more ways you can save money.

We Look Forward To Seeing You!

If you have any questions about scheduling service at our Kia service center, please feel free to connect with our team. Our experts can give you more information so that you can find out everything you need to know about why bringing your Kia model to our pros is the right move. Call or stop by our dealership today to meet with our team and find out more about how our Kia service center can help you get the most out of your car.

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