How to Clean Your Car Quickly

When you own a nice car, you want it to look its best. Unfortunately, you may not have as much time as you would like to devote to cleaning your car. There are some ways that you can quickly make your car look nicer without too much effort.

One way to make your car look nicer quickly is to clean up all of the loose trash that is in the car. 

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The Versatility of Crossovers

Crossovers are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of vehicles on the road. Manufacturers are continuing to improve the design, performance, and efficiency of these vehicles to give drivers more options. We want you to be comfortable with your next vehicle purchase, so here's some important information about crossovers that you need to know.

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Vehicle History Reports Help You Make Informed Decisions

If you are in the market for a used car, you should received a vehicle history report. It will tell you if the car has been in an accident, has a lien against it and how many owners it is has had in the past. Based on this report, it may be possible to estimate the current value of the car.

A vehicle history report should also disclose if the odometer has been rolled back or if the car has been reported as a lemon. 

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The Purpose of Backup Cameras

A backup camera is a new feature that you will see on all passenger vehicles starting in 2018. In this post, we will explain the impact they can have on car prices.

From 2018 onward, backup cameras are mandatory. However, on all earlier years they were not. Moreover, they tended to be in the higher trim levels because they needed an infotainment system with a screen in the dashboard to work. 

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Why You Need a Car Cover

Covering a car can protect it from bird droppings, excessive sunlight and road debris kicked up by passing vehicles. If you aren't planning on using the vehicle for an extended period of time, a cover can prevent dust or pollen from accumulating on its surface. Over time, that dust or pollen can find its way into the engine or other interior surfaces.

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Tips to Prepare for a Test Drive

To make a test drive successful and enjoyable, prepare a few things ahead of time. Make sure you have your driver’s license. Write out a list or have a general idea about what type of vehicle you are looking for.

When you find a vehicle you want to test drive, walk around it, and ask any questions about the exterior that you may have. When getting in, note if it is easy and comfortable. 

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The Importance of Preventative Tire Cleaning

One of the most neglected areas of preventative vehicle maintenance is proper tire cleaning. Because the tires are continually gathering dust and dirt, it is imperative that tires be cleaned regularly so that the corrosive dust does not begin to eat away at the tires and metal wheels.

The process begins with a clean car and tires. It is then critical to use a specially-designed tire cleaner appropriate for the particular type of wheels. 

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Understanding What Suspension Systems Do and How to Fix Them

To ensure a comfortable ride in any vehicle, the suspension and steering system must be working at top levels. By minimizing bumps in the passenger cabin and controlling the handling of the car while on the road, this essential system does all the work to control bouncing and provide a smooth ride.

The key components of any vehicle's suspension system are its shocks and struts.

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How to Tell if Your Radiator is Leaking

Is your car running hot? Has your temperature warning light come on? If so, you are probably experiencing a problem with your cooling system that may be due to a leak. The leak could come from a number of places, including the radiator. Here’s how you can tell if the leak is coming from the radiator.

When you notice a fluid leaking from your car, first determine what that fluid is. 

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Why Your Car May Not Start or Run Hot

If your vehicle's fuel pump isn't working, you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Fortunately, there are many signs that this component needs to be repaired or replaced. One of the more obvious signs is that the engine does not start. This is because there is not enough gas going from the tank to the engine.

Another sign is that the car sputters, surges or doesn't run properly while under stress. 

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