Get Your Vehicle Summer Ready at Kia of Fargo

It is important to switch out your winter times for all-season or summer ones to prepare for the warmer months. However, there is much more to preparing your vehicle for the spring than just switching out the tires. You need to make sure that your vehicle receives the following types of maintenance from a Kia dealership. Kia of Fargo is here to help you each step of the way. Continue reading to learn more below.

Get an Oil and Oil Filter Change

You cannot have a healthy engine if you don't change the oil. The oil is designed to cool and lubricate your engine. Oil also helps keep impurities out of your engine.

It tends to break down over time, which is why it has to be changed. Your oil will not work properly if it is too dirty or old. You need to schedule an oil change before the summer season starts. You also need to get the oil filter changed at the same time. The purpose of the oil filter is to keep the oil clean.

Test Your Car Battery

The cold can do serious damage to your battery. That is why it is important to have our technicians inspect your battery. The cold temperatures also force your battery to work harder. The heat can cause your battery to corrode faster. It can also cause the essential fluids inside of your battery to evaporate.

You can prevent your battery from dying by getting it inspected. You may need to get it replaced before the summer starts.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are designed to last six to 12 months. If you have not had your windshield wipers replaced in six months, then it may be time for you to get a new set. A good set of windshield wipers will prepare you for the storms you will have to deal with during the summer months. You may also have to fill up the wiper fluid.

Check Your Tires

You need to check your tire pressure. You have to adjust the tires according to what the reading is. Every vehicle has a recommended tire pressure range. If your tire pressure is too low, you need to add air. You have to let some of the air out if the tire pressure is too high. Your tires can blow out if the tire pressure is too high or low.

You should also check the depth of the tire. If your tires do not have enough tread, your tires will not maintain a grip on the road. It will also be harder for you to drive when the weather is rainy. You can perform a penny test to check the tread on the tire.

Wash Your Vehicle

Salt, snow, and ice can damage the appearance of your car. You can make your vehicle look better instantly by washing it. The winter weather can also cause the paint to chip. That is why you may want to get a touch-up paint job. You should also wax your vehicle.

Check the Air Conditioner

It is difficult to ride in your car on a hot day in Briarwood without air conditioning. You should have a technician inspect your air conditioner to ensure that it does not have any problems. Your vehicle may also need a coolant refill. The purpose of the coolant is to transfer the heat and prevent it from damaging the engine.

Clean Your Light Bulbs

Your headlights tend to get dirty over time, just like every other part of your vehicle. If it is getting harder for you to see at night, then dirty headlights may be to blame. You should have your headlights cleaned.

Whether you're in Grand Forks or Moorhead, contact Kia of Fargo to learn more about scheduling service with our service center and about our specials.

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